Inspiration to make sure your professional and private lives stay separate.

Keeping these tips in mind will demonstrate your ability to manage and control your content. It’s a great start if you plan on taking control of your online image and security.


Immediately setup your privacy settings whether you are using it professionally or not.

–I recommend having an “undercover account” if you plan on tweeting, following or re-tweeting, not so professional tweets.

Side thought***Why not use Twitter as a huge bookmark of industry tips,and a feed full of fresh industry thought leaders? #listen #communicate

You’ll be weaving in and out of inspiration by utilizing twitter in this free networking platform.


 –Besides taking control of your privacy settings, I recommend immediately cleaning up the public view of your facebook page if you:

1.    Use your real name on fb

2.    Use your middle name as your last (like mine)

Side thought***why not manage your privacy settings plus remember

1.    Set all of your photos, albums, and posts to ‘friends except acquaintances.

2.    Set new colleagues and other professional accounts who insist on adding you to their personal social network to this category.

(Where do we draw the line between our private and public lives?)

3.    Always remember to post with ‘friends except acquaintances.’ Plus restricted, if need be.

–I personally like to save my industry mingling to other accounts and feeds, such as, my blog, twitter, and Linkedin.


-Social networking website for people in professional occupations. enough said.


 Make sure you always use your professional email (your full name @ ) for professional sites only.

Last but not least, if you haven’t secured your privacy settings, never use your full name /email on any online social networking account.

My personal online presence management is by no means top notch, but these are a few simple tricks I use to take control of my online presence and security…


2 thoughts on “Inspiration to make sure your professional and private lives stay separate.

  1. Such good advice. I have aliases for everything. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it’s especially difficult for people who have unique names to keep online privacy!!

  2. This is great advice Jari! As we graduate and branch out in the work force I think it’s important we keep our professional and personal lives separate. I read an article about the top 10 things not to share on social media, it offered some interesting things that I hadn’t really thought about before. Here is the link if you want to take a look!

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